FunnierU Jokebook #2


FunnierU Jokebook #2

1001 Hysterical jokes that will make anyone laugh. Except our Mother-in-laws. We haven’t found anything that works on them.

This is another joke book. Just like the other one. But this one is funnier because we are ever evolving. We are, as they say, like fine wine. We’re older and more expensive.

We didn’t categorize these either for the same two reasons: jokes can be placedinto nearly any category to make any point, and we’re still lazy. We’d put a higher emphasis on the latter.


And like the other book, these are original, fresh, hilarious, amazing, creative, brilliant, and written by the authors. If you want to debate that with us, just drop us an email at

If you enjoy these half as much as the first book…then apparently the first book was twice as good. If we’ve done the math correctly.

So work them into your conversation, use them in a speech, be the life of the party. We just want you to be a better person. We want to help. It’s the kind of people we are. We’re also liars.

Have fun and make ‘em laugh.


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