One year of daily jokes


One year of daily jokes

For one full year from the purchase date, you’ll receive three topical jokes, ripped from the headlines, delivered to your email on every non-holiday weekday. That’s over 700 jokes that will make you sound like you’re delivering the monologue to The Tonight Show. Topical. Original. Hilarious. Everyday.


Here’s some samples of the daily jokes:

  • The post office is considering raising the price of stamps again.  The other option they’re considering is uninventing the internet.
  • In Los Angeles, a human head was found in a plastic bag. Half the city is terrified. The other half is outraged that it was a plastic bag.
  • Steve Forbes was on Fox News talking about “money management”. Is this the guy that spent $40 million dollars to run for President, a job paying $400,000?


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