Privacy Policy

The FunnierU Program provides access to unique comedy material, including but not limited to, daily jokes, a comedy writing workbook, comedy training CDs and DVDs, and semi-monthly jokebooks. The specific features and services provided may change from time-to-time without notice. The database of information will be updated weekly.

The subscription provides initial comedy training materials, monthly comedy training products, and daily joke submissions (weekdays). The subscriber’s identification in the FunnierU program will be their email address. The subscriber’s identification may be changed by contacting FunnierU.

The subscription is for subscriber’s personal use of the service. It may not be shared, resold, subdivided or sublicensed to anyone else (except for immediate family members defined as your spouse and any relatives living with you in your primary residence). Except as described above, the subscription is not transferable to, or usable by, another person, business or other entity without our consent. Intentional use of the service in a manner inconsistent with this agreement will be grounds for termination of subscription. No full or partial refunds will be offered for subscriptions terminated for intentional use of the service not in compliance with this agreement. Access to the service using special computer programs (Web Robots, Web Wanderers, Crawlers, or Spiders) designed to systematically download the information in the database is strictly prohibited. We will use certain technologies to detect the use of these programs. Their use is a violation of this agreement and is grounds for immediate termination of your subscription (without a full or partial refund of your subscription fee).

The subscription is for the term agreed to at the time of registration for the service. Upon the one month anniversary of signup, the subscriber will be billed and then each month thereafter, until terminated by the subscriber or until terminated by FunnierU for a violation of any aforementioned policies. The subscription does not expire until terminated by one or both parties. The subscriber may unsubscribe at anytime after signup by following unsubscribe information on the daily FunnierU email, or by contacting FunnierU by phone (contact information is on the daily FunnierU email), or by following instructions on the FunnierU website.

FunnierU strictly protects the security of the personal information of the subscriber and honors their choices for its intended use. We carefully protect the data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction. The personal information of the subscriber is never shared outside FunnierU without permission. Inside FunnierU, data is stored in password-controlled servers with limited access. Subscriber information will be stored and processed in the United States.

The information provided by FunnierU is the copyrighted property of George Campbell, Mark Mayfield, and Tim Gard. The subscriber’s use of this information is limited to them alone under the terms of this agreement. It may not be copied, retransmitted, sold, or provided to others in any form or format except as provided for in the third section of this Subscription Agreement.

FunnierU shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by the subscriber when using any of the material or products from this subscription.

This is the complete agreement with respect to use of the FunnierU service. Nothing published or said elsewhere should be viewed as a modification of this agreement.

FunnierU may occasionally update this agreement. If so, FunnierU will also revise the “last updated” date at the top of the copy of the agreement posted on the FunnierU web site. For material changes to this agreement, FunnierU will notify subscribers by placing a prominent notice on the web site. Such changes will be effective when posted by FunnierU. Continued use of the service after the date upon which this agreement is changed and the changes are posted will constitute continued acceptance of this agreement. Should subscriber no longer wish to be bound by this agreement, subscriber may terminate the service. No full or partial refunds will be offered in such an event.