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Upon registering for FunnierU one will receive:

  • A comprehensive workbook on comedy writing with explanatory audio files that take you through each of the 19 chapters.
  • Three videos featuring the authors as they provide insight to their material and to the world of comedy.
  • Two jokebooks each with 1000 timeless jokes.

The price of the sign-up is $129 or $159 depending on the method of receiving the product.

After one month the service will include:

  • The weekday emails containing three topical jokes.
  • A periodic audio file on a comedy topic or another 250 timeless jokes. Accessed electronically.
  • The monthly subscription is $14.95 billed on the anniversary date of sign-up.


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Instant Access: $129

  • Three “Building Funny” Streaming Videos
  • 120 Page FunnierU Workbook (pdf download)
  • Streaming Audio Guide to Workbook
  • Two 1000 Joke E-Jokebook (pdf download)
  • Three Topical Jokes Every Weekday
  • $14.95/month after the first 30 days

Best Value: $159

Instant Access, and

  • The Workbook and both Jokebooks shipped free to you.
  • $14.95/month after the first 30 days

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