FunnierU: Daily Jokes

One Year of Daily Jokes

For one full year from the purchase date, you’ll receive three topical jokes, ripped from the headlines, delivered to your email on every non-holiday weekday. That’s over 700 jokes that will make you sound like you’re delivering the monologue to The Tonight Show. Topical. Original. Hilarious. Everyday.

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Jokebook 1 Cover

FunnierU Jokebook 1

This is not a collection of old jokes. You’re not gonna find any stock lines in here. So forget about looking for “I just flew in from Chicago, and boy are my arms tired”.

Although, “I just rolled in from Detroit and my sides hurt”, is a possibility. Just kidding.

The 1000 jokes in here are ORIGINAL jokes written by the authors. Also, these are not long “shaggy dog” stories with a modest payoff at the end. They’re short quick-hitters. They’re mostly one-liners that will be easy to work into a conversation or a program.

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Jokebook 2 Cover

FunnierU Jokebook 2

1001 hysterical jokes that will make anyone laugh. Except our Mother-in-laws. We haven’t found anything that works on them.

This is another joke book. Just like the other one. But this one is funnier because we are ever evolving. We are, as they say, like fine wine. We’re older and more expensive.

It’s also a better jokebook because it has one more joke than the other one. Yes, we’re overachievers. That’s how we roll.

Paperback Book $39 Digital Download $29

Workbook Bundle

Workbook Bundle
(In Reproduction, Check Back Soon!)

This is an actual workbook that includes exercises to train you in writing humor. Explore the many different comedy writing techniques as you listen to the authors walk you through it with the accompanying audios. It’s like having them in the room with you, which could also qualify you for hazard pay. One other thing, it’s FUN! And is there anything more fun than fun.

FunnierU: Audios

Ten Humor Training Audios
(In Reproduction, Check Back Soon!)

Ten thirty-minute audios discussing a wide range of topics that will help you find, write, and deliver humor. An unscripted banter between the authors based on dozens of years on stage.

1. How We Write, 2. Stage Fright, 3. Comedy Heroes, 4. Just Say No, 5. Don’t Do That, 6. When Stuff Goes Bad, 7. Tips and Tricks 1, 8. Tips and Tricks 2, 9. How to be Hated, 10. Working with Bureaus

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All Products Bundle

Nearly 50% off the individual prices!

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You’ll get one year of daily jokes, our jokebook #1 & #2, the Workbook Bundle, and the Ten Audios.

This is the COMPLETE FUNNIERU program. The one-of-a-kind workbook and audios, two jokebooks that have shelf life, topical jokes everyday for a year, and audios that will help you be better on stage. Guaranteed to raise your comedy IQ.